Ep. #4930

Season 20, Episode 161 -  Air Date: 11/6/2006
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Stephanie manages to get away from Nick and locks herself in a bedroom. Nick kicks down the door only to find Stephanie holding a gun at him. Ridge runs into Eric, Brooke and Donna at the hospital, and Ridge learns why Nick had taken off. Worrying that Stephanie was home alone, Eric decides they should rush over to the house. A shot rings out as they arrive, but it is simply a warning shot from Stephanie. Nick, Brooke and Donna return to Brooke‘s, where Donna relates the events of the evening to Storm. Storm suggests that a civil suit against Stephanie may be more successful than a criminal case. Stephanie calls Donna to warn her to keep her mouth shut. Donna puts the phone on speaker so that everyone in the room can listen. Donna tells Nick that they can bring Stephanie down.