Ep. #4929

Season 20, Episode 160 -  Air Date: 11/3/2006
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Brooke tells Donna that Stephanie can‘t fire her from Forrester Creations. Donna is too tired to fight but informs Brooke that Stephanie will have a fight on her hands when Nick learns the truth. Dr. Hillman tells Nick that Jackie is improving but may never be herself again. Donna tells Nick the whole story of what she saw between Jackie and Stephanie. He is furious and heads out of the hospital. Stephanie is thrilled when she learns from Ridge that Brooke and Nick‘s marriage is over. Stephanie is angry when Eric doesn‘t believe that Jackie‘s fall was a complete accident. Eric visits Jackie in the hospital and kisses her. Eric learns from Donna that Stephanie pushed Jackie. Nick confronts Stephanie but she refuses to let him inside the house. He smashes through the patio door and holds Stephanie by the throat over the stair railing.