Ep. #4928

Season 20, Episode 159 -  Air Date: 11/2/2006
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Donna can‘t understand why Brooke won‘t allow her to tell Nick that Stephanie pushed Jackie. Donna is angry that Brooke is defending Stephanie and storms out when Nick comes by. Brooke breaks the news to Nick that she feels that she can no longer be married to him. Brooke says that she needs to be single in order to be strong. Nick packs his bags and leaves, but keeps a hold of his wedding ring. Donna finds Stephanie insulting her to Ridge at Forrester Creations. After talking with Ridge, Donna realises that she doesn‘t have any chance at a relationship with him. Ridge visits Brooke and learns that her marriage is over. Brooke tells Ridge that she can‘t be with him either. Stephanie later confronts Donna and fires her. Donna calls Brooke and warns her that Stephanie has gone too far. Donna places a call to Nick and informs him that Jackie‘s fall wasn‘t an accident.