Ep. #4923

Season 20, Episode 154 -  Air Date: 10/26/2006
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Brooke gets a call from Stephanie telling her that she belongs with Ridge, followed by a call from Jackie telling her that she belongs with Nick. Brooke tells both of them that she has made up her mind on what she is going to do. Stephanie learns that Ridge has been invited over by Brooke and is thrilled, as is Jackie when she learns that Brooke has invited Nick over. Donna questions Brooke on what she has decided but she refuses to say anything. Stephanie asks Donna to bring the children over for a visit. Nick and Ridge are both surprised to discover the other has been invited over by Brooke. They begin making harsh comments to one another and Brooke orders them to find some common ground. Jackie arrives at Stephanie‘s to hurl some more abuse. The two go at it over Brooke and their sons. During a scuffle on the stairs, Stephanie pushes Jackie away and she falls over the railing to the floor below as Donna watches through the window.