Ep. #4922

Season 20, Episode 153 -  Air Date: 10/25/2006
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Felicia is destroyed knowing that Bridget is to have Dante‘s child. Bridget assures both of them that nothing needs to change between any of them. Dante makes it clear to Felicia that his future is with her and their child. Felicia wishes Bridget the best. Stephanie orders Jackie out of the house but Jackie accuses Stephanie of only luring Brooke back to take Forrester Creations away from her. Brooke declines Nick‘s company for the night but tells him that she will have an answer for him soon. Nick learns from Jackie that Stephanie is on a rampage and is furious when he sees that Stephanie hit Jackie. Nick goes to Stephanie and warns her not to cross him. Brooke returns home and finds Ridge there. He talks of a future with her. Brooke decides that she will have the answers for both Nick and Ridge the following day.