Ep. #4921

Season 20, Episode 152 -  Air Date: 10/24/2006
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Eric supports Bridget as she prepares a dinner for Dante and Felicia with the plans to tell them the father of her baby. Eric wonders if she is doing the right thing. During dinner, Felicia is very open with her opinions on Nick being the father. Bridget breaks the news that infact Dante is the child‘s daddy. Stephanie helps Ridge move back into his old house to help be there for Phoebe during Taylor‘s time awaiting trial. Jackie later stops over and things get heated between the three over Brooke. Stephanie ends up slapping Jackie when her insults go too far. Brooke invites Nick to have dinner with her at the Café Russe. Brooke tells him that if their marriage is to carry on then he needs to respect her. Brooke says all the things she needs from a relationship before heading out of the restaurant. Nick stops her and asks to go home with her.