Ep. #4920

Season 20, Episode 151 -  Air Date: 10/23/2006
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Thorne is stunned as Shane tells the whole story of Darla‘s accident to the court. The Judge calls a recess with the assistant district attorney as well as asking Storm and Thorne to join him. Stephanie thanks Shane for coming through for her, although he makes it clear that she now owes him. Hector and Harry show up at the court, and Harry is suspicious of Shane being close with Phoebe. Thorne tells the Judge in his chambers that he needs justice for Darla, but only on the true facts of what happened. As the court rejoins, Taylor tells the Judge that she still wants to plead guilty, until she notices that Thorne no longer wishes her too. Judge Owens informs everyone that the case will be taken to trial. Thorne later visits Taylor in her cell and tells her that he is helping her for the sake of her children as well as his own.