Ep. #4919

Season 20, Episode 150 -  Air Date: 10/20/2006
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Thomas demands answers from Phoebe, Ridge and Brooke and is shocked to learn what is happening with his mother. They head down to the jail to spend a few minutes with Taylor as they wait for court to resume. Stephanie is at the mansion trying desperately to convince Shane to testify on Taylor‘s behalf, but he reminds her of all the times she warned him that he had better keep his mouth shut. Court begins with Brooke, Ridge, Phoebe, Bridget and Thomas sitting with Taylor, and Eric, Sally and Thorne on the opposite side of the courtroom. The judge begins his sentencing, giving Taylor sixty days in jail for driving without a license, one year for obstruction of justice, and ten years in maximum security for vehicular manslaughter. Stephanie bursts in with Shane and announces what he saw, so Thorne demands to know if his mother is telling the truth.