Ep. #4917

Season 20, Episode 148 -  Air Date: 10/18/2006
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Eric reads the morning newspapers with Jackie and Sally. They comment on Taylor‘s arrest, while Dante and Felicia are both shocked that Taylor was able to keep it a secret. Phoebe overhears their conversation and defends her mother. Eric finds it hard to believe that Darla‘s death was an accident when Taylor was drunk at the wheel. Ridge thinks that the one person who can help Taylor is Thorne and attempts to get through to him. Thorne refuses to help the person that killed his wife, but Ridge stresses that it was an accident. Stephanie visits Taylor and begs her not to confess, but Taylor feels it‘s the one thing that she must do for Thorne. Storm later arrives from San Francisco to defend Taylor but she wants to refuse his help. As the court proceeds, against Storm‘s best efforts, Taylor stands and pleads guilty to the charges against her.