Ep. #4916

Season 20, Episode 147 -  Air Date: 10/17/2006
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Phoebe arrives at Thorne‘s place and attempts to explain what happened the night Darla died, but he refuses to listen. Phoebe begs for him to see that it was an accident and asks for him to help Taylor. Thorne orders Phoebe out and yells that she and Taylor are no longer welcome in his home. Ridge vents his anger at Stephanie for getting involved in Taylor‘s lie and keeping it a secret. Stephanie admits that she knows it was a mistake, but justifies it by her need to protect Thorne. Ridge wants to help Taylor and decides to bring Storm Logan in as her lawyer. Baker fires questions at Taylor and has her confess to the role that Phoebe, Hector and Stephanie played in the cover up. Taylor begs for him to keep them out of it. Taylor is later lead to her cell and locked up.