Ep. #4914

Season 20, Episode 145 -  Air Date: 10/13/2006
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Stephanie rushes over to see Phoebe and is surprised to find that Taylor isn‘t there. Phoebe admits that Taylor is confessing the truth to Thorne. Stephanie is worried about the outcome, as is Hector. Stephanie tries to drill from Phoebe the whereabouts of Taylor. On the way to leave for the cabin, Lt. Baker arrives and stops anyone from leaving. He attempts to get them to confess to Taylor‘s role in Darla‘s death. Meanwhile, Taylor breaks down as she confesses everything to Thorne. He is angry and hurt that Taylor would allow him to fall in love with her after she killed his wife. Thorne shows no sign of sympathy for Taylor and so she calls Lt. Baker and turns herself in for the manslaughter of Darla Forrester.