Ep. #4913

Season 20, Episode 144 -  Air Date: 10/12/2006
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Jackie is furious when she learns from Nick that Stephanie had divorce papers drawn up for him and Brooke. Nick goes to Ridge to warn him to stay away from Brooke, but the two butt heads on who is best suited to be with her. Brooke is angry with Stephanie for returning with the divorce papers. Stephanie tries to sway Brooke‘s mind in her favor by being kind hearted, but Jackie storms in and gives Stephanie a piece of her mind. Jackie and Stephanie battle it out about their own sons as Brooke leaves them to it. Phoebe prays that Thorne will understand and forgive Taylor. Meanwhile, Thorne pulls out a huge diamond ring and proposes to Taylor, which sets her off into an emotional state. Unable to take anymore, Taylor confesses to driving the car that hit and killed Darla.