Ep. #4912

Season 20, Episode 143 -  Air Date: 10/11/2006
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Phoebe is scared sick when Thorne arrives to take Taylor to the cabin, knowing that Taylor plans on confessing the truth about Darla‘s death to him. Taylor is surprised of the romantic mood Thorne has set up at the cabin as she prepares to tell Thorne the truth. Ridge tells Brooke of his hopes of how they will be together again with their son, but Brooke asks him to be patient with her. Stephanie speaks with her lawyer and has divorce papers drawn up for Brooke and Nick, although Eric feels she is getting ahead of herself. Jackie tries to calm the situation with Nick, but he rushes off to see Brooke, knowing that Ridge and Stephanie will be drumming thoughts into her head. Nick attempts to seek forgiveness from Brooke, but is interupted by Stephanie delivering divorce papers. Brooke throws them both out, but Stephanie later returns with the documents.