Ep. #4911

Season 20, Episode 142 -  Air Date: 10/10/2006
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Thorne arranges a day at the cabin to spend some time with Taylor and he also buys a ring. She agrees to go, but Phoebe notices how depressed Taylor is. Taylor tells her that she needs to confess the truth about Darla‘s death to Thorne, not wanting to lie any longer. Stephanie learns from Eric that Bridget is pregnant with Dante‘s baby and she wonders if the situation within their family could get much worse. Nick begs forgiveness from Brooke but Ridge tries to throw him out. Bridget comes by and, speaking with Brooke alone, attempts to explain the situation. Bridget and Brooke realise how they have both destroyed one another. Bridget orders Brooke not to give up on her marriage. Ridge and Nick have it out at the main house. Stephanie tries to get involved but Ridge feels that he will be the one with Brooke. Ridge later promises Brooke the life she needs with the children and they kiss.