Ep. #4910

Season 20, Episode 141 -  Air Date: 10/9/2006
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Bridget visits Eric and informs him of her pregnancy. He is stunned to learn that Nick slept with her, then even more surprised when he learns that the child‘s father is Dante. Bridget is ashamed as Eric wonders how Felicia will take the news. Brooke cries on Ridge‘s shoulder, which angers Donna. She is infuriated when Ridge asks her to leave so that he can be alone with Brooke. Donna informs Nick where Brooke is, before being interupted by a snooping Stephanie. Donna is told to leave Ridge but Donna refuses. Stephanie feels Donna is wasting her time and that Ridge will be with Brooke again. Nick barges in on Brooke and Ridge as Ridge learns that Nick slept with Bridget. Nick blurts out that Bridget‘s baby isn‘t his and begs Brooke to forgive him, while Ridge begs Brooke to end her marriage.