Ep. #4909

Season 20, Episode 140 -  Air Date: 10/6/2006
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Stephanie paces the house and spies out of the window when Ridge returns home from Europe and heads over to the guest house with Donna. Stephanie fears that Ridge will sleep with Donna, but Eric couldn‘t be less interested. Donna arranges a romantic meal for Ridge and she confesses her feelings to him, having chosen this night to consummate her relationship with him. Brooke races along the highway in her car to meet with Ridge, leaving him a message on his answering machine, which Donna quickly erases. Nick is brought back into shore and then finds Bridget on the Shady Marlin. Bridget is devastated that Nick has confessed all to Brooke, then makes the situation worse by informing Nick that the baby isn‘t his, but infact Dante‘s. Brooke bursts into the guest house in an emotional state. Brooke questions whether it‘s too late for herself and Ridge, to which he responds with a kiss, as a destroyed Donna watches.