Ep. #4908

Season 20, Episode 139 -  Air Date: 10/5/2006
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Brooke slaps Nick when he tries to tell her that he never wanted to hurt her like this. Devastated, Brooke heads up top, musing that she had chosen to be with Nick because she felt she couldn‘t trust Ridge, and Nick was the ‘safe‘ choice. Nick approaches Brooke but she pushes him away and he falls overboard. She tosses him a life preserver and calls for help, then leaves him in the ocean. Bridget begins to panic at the thought that Nick could be confessing to fathering a child that isn‘t even his. Dr. Caspary warns her that she needs to calm down, and after doing the ultrasound, confirms that there is no way that Nick is the baby‘s father. Bridget tries to reach Nick without success. Dante realises that something is up with Felicia, and she finally confesses that Bridget is pregnant with Nick‘s baby. Dante muses that Bridget never stopped loving Nick.