Ep. #4906

Season 20, Episode 137 -  Air Date: 10/3/2006
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Stephanie is horrified when Shane tells her that the only thing he wants is to be with Phoebe. Determined not to let her granddaughter get involved with him, Stephanie tries to scare Shane by telling him that if the truth were ever to come out he would be in trouble by withholding evidence. Donna interrupts Nick‘s attempt to tell Brooke the truth by showing up wanting Brooke to let Ridge go so that she can have a chance with him. Nick asks Harry to clear out of the Shady Marlin for awhile so he can talk to Brooke uninterrupted. Bridget talks with Felicia about her pregnancy, and that Nick plans on telling Brooke tonight. Felicia muses that Ridge is going to look pretty good to Brooke in comparison now.