Ep. #4903

Season 20, Episode 134 -  Air Date: 9/28/2006
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Eric is sure Stephanie is hiding something when Lt. Baker drops by to check in with Darla‘s case and Stephanie throws him out. Stephanie insists they all just need to move on from it. Taylor stops Thorne when they are headed to make love as she can‘t shift Darla from her mind. Thorne later tells Eric and Stephanie that he is falling in love with Taylor. Phoebe yells at Harry to let up on Shane. Hector has Harry leave when Phoebe tells Hector that Shane knows everything. Hector reveals to Taylor that Shane knows that she killed Darla. Taylor wonders what Shane wants from her. Hector believes that Shane wants money, but Phoebe supports Shane and tells Taylor that Shane just needs a place to stay and a friend. Shane insists to Taylor that he can be trusted.