Ep. #4901

Season 20, Episode 132 -  Air Date: 9/26/2006
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Nick is stunned by Bridget‘s revelation that she‘s pregnant with his child. Nick remains silent as Bridget tells him that she is going to have some tests run to see if she can carry the baby to term before telling Brooke. Taylor attends an AA meeting with Stephanie at her side for support. Taylor later returns home and finds that Thorne has arranged a romantic night out by the pool for her. Shane taunts Hector, as Hector warns Shane that he is on to him. Hector does some digging with a detective friend and learns that Shane was booked for theft the night of Darla‘s death at a store on the same highway where Taylor hit Darla. Shane drives Phoebe up to the highway and reveals that he was the man that approached her in her car the night of Darla‘s death and that he knows Taylor was responsible.