Ep. #4899

Season 20, Episode 130 -  Air Date: 9/22/2006
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Hector learns that Shane‘s criminal record consists of a restraining order in Atlanta and theft in Los Angeles. Shane thinks that he could get more than just $1,000,000 from Taylor, if he was to get close to Phoebe. Shane watches Harry talking to Phoebe by the pool and fakes a situation to get her away from him. Shane flirts with Phoebe as he puts his plan in motion. Hector mistakes Harry for Shane and finds that Harry isn‘t too keen on Shane either. Hector gives Phoebe his evidence against Shane. Donna returns from Europe without Ridge. Donna says that she would like Brooke‘s blessing before having any romantic relationship with Ridge. Brooke finally gives her the okay. Felicia thinks Bridget wants to have an abortion. Bridget bulks at the idea and explains that she wants the child and intends on telling Brooke the truth. Bridget visits Brooke prepared to tell all.