Ep. #4895

Season 20, Episode 126 -  Air Date: 9/18/2006
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Taylor thinks Shane is talking about Thorne when he tells her that he knows her secret. Taylor suggests that he keeps out of her business if he wants to continue working for her. Hector walks in and Shane quickly leaves. Hector questions Taylor about Shane. Taylor feels Hector is overreacting, but Hector thinks Shane shouldn‘t be trusted. Phoebe finds Shane by the pool and begins messing with his hedge cutter, Shane slices his hand whist trying to take it from her. Eric and Stephanie learn that Bridget plans to go to Africa for a year to work in an AIDS clinic. Eric is upset, but Stephanie only thinks that Bridget is running away from something. Stephanie confronts Brooke and Nick. Brooke tells Stephanie how Bridget is still in love with Nick. Stephanie blames Brooke for Bridget wanting to leave, and Nick feels the guilt as Brooke gushes about how committed they are to one another.