Ep. #4894

Season 20, Episode 125 -  Air Date: 9/15/2006
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Stephanie spends time with Alexandria and learns that Taylor spent the night there. Thorne admits that he has feelings for Taylor, but wonders about how Ridge will feel. Stephanie gives her support to Thorne. Hector calls Stephanie and advises her to keep Thorne away from Taylor, but then Stephanie pushes Thorne to pursue her. Thorne calls Taylor and arranges a dinner date. Hector isn‘t impressed that Taylor spent the night at Thorne‘s. Taylor again tells him that it‘s not his conern and he begins to lay on the guilt by feeling sorry for himself and suggests moving out. Shane prepares his speach for Taylor, before surprising Phoebe by showing up at the house. Shane confronts Taylor and tells her that he knows her secret.