Ep. #4893

Season 20, Episode 124 -  Air Date: 9/14/2006
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Shane sits alone in his run down appartment and thinks of ways to confront Taylor with the truth that he knows. Shane wonders how much he could blackmail from her. Phoebe, Taylor, Thorne, Sally, Clarke and Alexandria come together for Darla‘s birthday. They share memories and place special gifts for her by her photograph. Later, when everyone is in bed, Thorne talks with Taylor about how he feels, and confesses that he loves her. Brooke is stunned when Bridget admits that she wanted Brooke‘s marriage to Nick to fail. Brooke yells at Bridget but apologises when Nick arrives. Nick realises that he has to keep the night with Bridget a secret forever for the sake of the mother and daughter relationship. Bridget later sobs alone, while Brooke gushes to Nick in the bedroom about how happy she is.