Ep. #4892

Season 20, Episode 123 -  Air Date: 9/13/2006
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Brooke visits Bridget and sees that she has been looking through Nicole‘s things. Brooke tries to comfort Bridget, but Bridget decides to come clean and blurts out that she is still in love with Nick. Harry packs his things and Nick is surprised that he wants to move off the boat. Harry tells Nick off for sleeping with Bridget whilst still being married to Brooke. Taylor confesses to Phoebe that a romantic relationship is forming between herself and Thorne. Phoebe informs Taylor that Thorne is having a rememberance for Darla‘s birthday. Hector is angry when he learns that Thorne is coming by to take Taylor there. Shane deals with the garden plants and listens in outside, then acts concerned when Phoebe mentions Darla‘s death to him. Shane later returns home and looks through a collection of newspaper scraps about Darla‘s death, then thinks back to how he saw Taylor run Darla down.