Ep. #4889

Season 20, Episode 120 -  Air Date: 9/7/2006
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Christian visits Hector to offer support to his blind brother. Hector tells Christian how he feels for Taylor and believes that living with her will turn their friendship into love. Thorne drops in on Taylor downstairs and they rearrange the living room to make it easier for Hector to move around. Thorne and Taylor discuss Darla, and also their need for one another, before kissing again. Brooke begs Nick for another chance, but he feels that their marriage is over. Brooke promises him that Ridge is in her past. Brooke tells Nick all he means to her and he agrees to give it another go. Felicia shares some drinks with Bridget and wonders what is going on when Bridget remains secretive towards questions about Nick. Bridget is later hurt when Nick tells her that he is staying with Brooke and that he intends on telling her that that he and Bridget slept together.