Ep. #4888

Season 20, Episode 119 -  Air Date: 9/6/2006
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Nick wakes up naked, having slept with Bridget. Nick tells Bridget that his marriage to Brooke is over, but wonders how he could have jumped right into bed with Bridget. Harry returns to the boat and meets Bridget after Nick leaves. Harry is suspicious of what is going on. Bridget later returns home and looks through her wedding album, thinking about a new life with Nick. Brooke frets that Nick hasn\\\‘t been home all night. Donna talks with Brooke, but they are interupted by Nick. Brooke is stunned when Nick begins packing his things and returns his wedding ring to Brooke. She confesses to the kiss with Ridge, but insists that she pushed him away and that she wants her future to be with Nick and and the children.