Ep. #4887

Season 20, Episode 118 -  Air Date: 9/5/2006
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Taylor answers the door to Thorne and they discuss their kiss, meanwhile Stephanie is upstairs warning Hector not to use his blindness as a way to get to Taylor. Stephanie walks in on another kiss between Thorne and Taylor. Thorne learns that Hector is staying there and wonders if it‘s the best thing while Hector has feelings for Taylor. Donna watches outside as Ridge touches Brooke. He promises to love her, but Brooke breaks free and reminds him again that she is staying with Nick. Donna later questions Ridge, and he tells Donna that he wants to be with her. Nick is devastated from learning that Ridge and Brooke kissed. He knocks back the alcohol as Bridget comforts him. They end up kissing and fall onto the bed.