Ep. #4886

Season 20, Episode 117 -  Air Date: 9/1/2006
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Taylor takes Hector to his room and helps him settle in. Stephanie shows up and talks with Taylor about her kiss with Thorne. Stephanie learns that Hector is living with Taylor and accuses him of using his condition to lure Taylor to him. Nick is furious when Brooke storms out to go see Ridge over his kiss with Donna. Nick goes to his boat to get drunk as Bridget stops in and becomes concerned about him. Donna asks Ridge if he truely does have feelings for her. They are busy kissing again as Brooke marches in. Brooke throws Donna out and yells at Ridge. Ridge tells Brooke that she is the woman he really wants. Brooke tries to pull away from Ridge, but he kisses her. Donna spies them through the window and tells Nick of what is going on.