Ep. #4884

Season 20, Episode 115 -  Air Date: 8/30/2006
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Stephanie visits Hector at the hospital and informs him of an optical clinic out of state she wants him to go too. Hector realises that she is just trying to get rid of him to keep the secret safe. Hector yells that he isn‘t going anywhere. Taylor tells Phoebe that Hector is blind and she suddenly feels compassion for him. Thorne drops in needing Taylor‘s help. He informs her that he has dropped the investigation into Darla‘s death and she is the reason for him being able to do so. Thorne rushes out when, in the moment, he kisses Taylor. Brooke sees Ridge and Donna preparing for Donna‘s interview on a talkshow. Ridge notices that Brooke is jealous, but Brooke storms out when Ridge questions her about her feelings for him. Felicia tells Rich Ginger, the host of the talkshow, that Donna‘s private life is off limits during the interview. As the show begins, Felicia realises that Ridge has a plan in mind.