Ep. #4883

Season 20, Episode 114 -  Air Date: 8/29/2006
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Nick has coffee with Harry at The Insomnia Cafe and suggests Harry has someone show him around Los Angeles. Phoebe later comes in and meets Harry drinking alone. She sees him steal a tip, and he accuses her of being a rich girl. Nick later calls Phoebe and informs her that he has a friend that he would like her to meet. Stephanie realises that Thorne is becoming attached to Taylor. Stephanie advises Thorne to call off the investigation into Darla‘s death, explaining that she doesn‘t want him to be bitter for the rest of his life. Stephanie promises that Taylor will help him through. Taylor tries to comfort a blind Hector as he apologises for holding her hostage at his home before the fire. Taylor seeks answers from Hector‘s doctor and she informs Hector that the damage to his eyes is irreversable. Hector is devastated, but Taylor tells him that she will be there for him.