Ep. #4881

Season 20, Episode 112 -  Air Date: 8/25/2006
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As Stephanie hears the truth from Taylor, Thorne comes by. Stephanie feels Taylor should come clean with Thorne, until Stephanie realises how dependant Thorne is upon Taylor. Stephanie feels she no longer knows who Taylor is anymore, but agress that Thorne needs her. Eric is concerned when Phoebe begins sweating. He takes her to the hospital where Bridget informs him that Phoebe has suffered a panic attack. Thorne, Stephanie and Taylor rush to the hospital and are releived that Phoebe is okay. Thorne seeks Taylor‘s help when Alexandria begins asking to go the room where Darla died. Stephanie informs Phoebe that she knows the truth and advises her to support Taylor, to make sure she doesn‘t drink again. Taylor is furious, but Stephanie orders Taylor to do the right thing, stand by Thorne and let her guilt go.