Ep. #4880

Season 20, Episode 111 -  Air Date: 8/24/2006
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Thorne refuses to believe that Taylor had anything to do with Darla‘s death. Lt. Baker airs his theory but Thorne is furious and storms out at his suggestions. Phoebe looks after Alexandria and begins seeing images of a bloody Darla. Phoebe freaks out when Darla begins appearing before her. Eric later comes by and is shocked by how shaken and distraught Phoebe is. Stephanie arrives as Hector‘s house is in flames. Stephanie is stunned to see Taylor tied up but refuses to help her until Taylor admits to killing Darla. Firefighters arrive and desparately try to help a trapped Hector. Hector is rushed off to the hospital. Lt. Baker and Detective Orbach later investigate the burned down house. Taylor confesses the whole truth to Stephanie, whom is disgusted that Taylor has kept quiet and used Phoebe to hide her involvement in Darla‘s death.