Ep. #4879

Season 20, Episode 110 -  Air Date: 8/23/2006
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Thorne meets with Lt. Baker demanding some answers about the case. Thorne swears that if Lt. Baker can‘t find Darla‘s killer then he will search for the rest of his life. Thorne is stunned when Lt. Baker hints at Taylor‘s involvement. Stephanie visits Phoebe and becomes concerned at how shaken she is. Stephanie learns that Phoebe is scared of Hector and Phoebe‘s rushes off when Stephanie mentions the visit with Diane Walker. Stephanie begins to wonder if Lt. Baker‘s theory is correct and heads over to Hector‘s place. Hector ties Taylor to the stair railing and becomes hurt when Taylor tells him that she has no romantic feelings for him and demands to be let out. Hector begins shouting at Taylor and she kicks him to defend herself, knocking him unconscious, he falls into a table of decorating materials, which ignite a flame and the house begins to burn.