Ep. #4878

Season 20, Episode 109 -  Air Date: 8/22/2006
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Stephanie is concerned for Thorne when he consumes all his time in trying to seek who killed Darla. Stephanie advises Thorne to move past it, but he seems unable too. Taylor calls Ridge over and confuses him when she asks him to take care of their family if she wasn‘t to be around. Lt. Baker questions Hector about his relationship with Taylor, but Hector has quick responses to cover his tracks. Hector drops by to see Taylor as she prepares to head over to Thorne‘s and confess. Hector offers to drive Taylor when he realises that there is no changing her mind, but instead takes Taylor to his house. Taylor isn‘t happy when Hector locks her in the house, but on attempt to leave, Hector ties Taylor up, refusing to allow her to confess the truth to Thorne.