Ep. #4876

Season 20, Episode 107 -  Air Date: 8/18/2006
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Lt. Baker shares his suspicions about Taylor with Stephanie, and Stephanie refuses to believe that Taylor could be in any way involved with Darla‘s death. After he leaves, Stephanie can‘t stop thinking about what he said. Brooke wants to get something special for Bridget for graduating medical school, especially considering that she missed the event. Nick tries to convince Brooke to come work with him at Marone Industries, not just in the building, then sings her a tender love song he wrote especially for her. Taylor listens to Thorne‘s intent to find whoever killed Darla to make sure they know exactly what they did and who Darla was to the family, and doesn‘t listen when she tries to confess. After he leaves, Lt. Baker shows up, ostensibly to talk to Phoebe, and presses Taylor for information about the night of the accident. Hector worries when the guard from the jail tells him how interested Lt. Baker was in the fact that he took Phoebe and Taylor to visit Diane Walker.