Ep. #4873

Season 20, Episode 104 -  Air Date: 8/15/2006
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Bridget finds Felicia and Dante kissing at Forrester Creations. Bridget tells them that she is happy for them, but Dante adds that he‘ll always care for Bridget. Felicia later admits to the tricks she pulled on Bridget, but the two apologise to one another and Bridget tells Felicia that she still loves Nick. Nick informs Brooke that Ridge is still getting personal with Donna. Brooke is angry, especially as Donna promised to keep her relationship with Ridge professional. Nick invites Brooke to a board meeting at Marone Industries. Ridge notices that Donna is feeling down and she asks Ridge if Nick‘s idea that he is using her to make Brooke jealous is true. Ridge confesses that he loves Brooke and is on the rebound, but says that he also cares about Donna. Brooke flips out when she arrives and sees them in each others arms. Ridge later tells Brooke to admit her true feelings and leave Nick, as Ridge promises to love her forever.