Ep. #4872

Season 20, Episode 103 -  Air Date: 8/14/2006
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Bridget drops by Nick‘s office and informs him that she has graduated, she is now an official doctor. Nick suggests a party. Bridget talks about the end of her and Dante‘s relationship. She admits that she was using Dante to get over Nick. Ridge visits Donna at Brooke‘s and discusses him only seeing his son when Nick isn‘t around. Donna doesn‘t think that it‘s fair for Nick to control everything. Nick comes home and infuriates Donna when he slams Ridge for coming onto her. Nick accuses Ridge of trying to make Brooke jealous. Taylor wakes up and realises that her confession to Thorne was just a dream. Phoebe is concerned that Taylor is losing her mind and wonders if telling Thorne may be better than hiding the truth. Taylor is filled with more guilt when Thorne calls and thanks Taylor for being there for him.