Ep. #4871

Season 20, Episode 102 -  Air Date: 8/11/2006
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Dante and Felicia search the courtyard for Dino. Felicia notices that the baby bag has been taken which also contains her phone. Dante informs her that it has a traker and they follow the signal using Felicia‘s laptop. Eric plays with Dino and is stunned when they show up on his jet. He reminds Felicia that he had previous informed her that he was taking the baby. A relieved Dante tells Felicia that he can‘t be without the baby, and tell Felicia that his future his with her and his son. Thorne asks Taylor to leave so that he can talk to Hector alone. Hector tries to make Thorne see that Darla‘s death was an accident, which only angers him. Thorne orders Hector to stay away from Taylor. Thorne visits Taylor to offer support to her. Taylor breaks as Thorne trashes the person that killed Darla, and confesses to the crime.