Ep. #4870

Season 20, Episode 101 -  Air Date: 8/10/2006
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Dante meets with Eric and apologises for hurting Bridget, but Eric is relieved as Bridget hadn‘t yet moved past the break down of her marriage. Dante tells Eric that he regrets not marrying Felicia, Eric advises him to speak to her. Felicia leaves Dino in his stroller to sleep by the courtyard fountain. A stanger takes Dino. Felicia notices Dante‘s eagerness to get closer, but the moment is shattered when Felicia discovers that Dino is missing. Thorne visits Darla‘s grave and Phoebe later arrives. Thorne learns that Phoebe is worried about Hector‘s friendship with Taylor. Hector grows worried when Taylor is determined to tell Thorne the truth. Hector suggests they leave town and head to Mexico, but Taylor refuses and can‘t hide her guilt any longer. Hector shakes Taylor to make her listen as Thorne drops in and sees.