Ep. #4869

Season 20, Episode 100 -  Air Date: 8/9/2006
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Donna fantasizes about being with Ridge as he and Felicia bound through the office door all excited about the great reviews for the Bedroom Line. Donna informs Ridge of Brooke‘s request that they stay professional, which Ridge manages to do throughout the fitting, although Donna wishes he‘d make a move. Hector drops by to see Taylor, but Phoebe informs him that she isn‘t at home. Hector bullies Phoebe into telling him where Taylor is and she becomes scared when he acts furious that Taylor is with Thorne. Taylor feels guilty when Thorne praises her for being there for himself and Alexandria. Hector snoops outside the window, paranoid at what Taylor is telling Thorne. Taylor leaves and is shocked when she finds Hector sitting in the back seat of her car, ordering her to stay away from Thorne.