Ep. #4868

Season 20, Episode 99 -  Air Date: 8/8/2006
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Ridge tells Donna how he feels they make a good team. Donna says that she no longer works for Forrester Creations, but Ridge tells her not to give up just yet and arranges for another fitting the following day. Brooke informs Nick that she fired Donna. He is confused when she seems jealous that Ridge and Donna kissed. Brooke insists that Ridge isn‘t interested in Donna and she is just looking out for her sister‘s feelings. Donna arrives home and asks Brooke for another chance. Brooke agrees on the condition that she remains professional with Ridge. Hector calls Taylor to the fire station. He receives an award of honor for his duties. Hector tries to make Taylor see that they both have a lot to give to the world and no good can come from her confessing to killing Darla.