Ep. #4863

Season 20, Episode 94 -  Air Date: 8/1/2006
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Donna has her first photoshoot alone with Ridge. He is impressed by her work and rewards her by ordering in dinner. Ridge and Donna get closer and talk about their kiss, with obvious attraction to one another. Hector questions Taylor on why she hasn‘t been in contact. Taylor is still guilt ridden over Darla‘s death, but Hector reminds her that she, Phoebe and himself could all go to jail if she confesses. Hector kisses Taylor, but she backs away. Phoebe rips into Hector for coming on to her mother. Stephanie helps Thorne with Alexandria. Stephanie feels sorrow for her son, but is happy when he tells her of the support Taylor has been giving. Taylor and Phoebe later head over to see Thorne. He sees a flyer for an AA group fall out of Taylor‘s purse and she quickly hides it. Thorne invites them to stay for dinner, but Taylor becomes worried when Lt. Baker comes for dinner too. Thorne tells them that he wants to offer a cash reward in order to catch Darla‘s killer.