Ep. #4861

Season 20, Episode 92 -  Air Date: 7/28/2006
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Bridget tells Felicia that it‘s none of her business if she and Dante are trying for a baby. Felicia makes it her business, but Bridget informs them both that she isn‘t pregnant. Bridget and Dante chat later and she breaks it to him that she doesn‘t really want to try for a baby. Dante is hurt, then becomes angry when she asks him to wait. Dante airs his anger at Felicia, whom tells him that she loves him before sharing a kiss. Brooke offers Donna the job of being spokeswoman for the Brooke‘s Bedroom Line. Donna wonders whether giving the line up is really what Brooke wants. Ridge tells Stephanie that Brooke has resigned from the line and that she is bringing Donna on instead, which doesn‘t impress her. Donna learns from Ridge that he has decided that he will no longer design for the line if Brooke isn‘t involved in it. Donna manages to convince him otherwise and surprises him with a kiss.