Ep. #4860

Season 20, Episode 91 -  Air Date: 7/27/2006
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Bridget and Dante continue their plans to conceive a baby. After making love, Dante heads over to Forrester Creations and Bridget realises that she hasn‘t had a period for six weeks. Bridget takes a pregnancy test. Dante finds Felicia at the office with Dino. Felicia talks about the life that they could have had, but Dante makes it clear that his life is with Bridget now. Bridget later arrives to tell Dante that she has taken the test, Felicia demands to know if Bridget is pregnant. Donna tries to make Brooke admit that she loves Ridge, but Brooke doesn‘t take the bait. Brooke assures Donna that she is happy with Nick. Brooke puts Donna through the paces of becoming the spokeswoman and model for the Brooke‘s Bedroom Line. Nick tells Brooke that with Donna working on her behalf, Brooke won‘t have to deal with the Forrester family. Donna notices that Brooke doesn‘t seem happy by the idea and so she calls Ridge and tells him that Brooke is unhappy without him.