Ep. #4858

Season 20, Episode 89 -  Air Date: 7/25/2006
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Hector and Phoebe attempt to stop Taylor from attending Darla‘s funeral. Phoebe is fearful of losing her mother when both she and Hector are afraid of what Taylor might say. Darla‘s body rests in a open casket at the chapel. Thorne cries and kisses his wife goodbye. The minister performs a beautiful ceremony and Ridge decides to say a few words, followed by Stephanie whom tells Thorne that Darla will watch over him always. Sally breaks down saying a few words when trying to understand why Darla and Macy were taken from her. Taylor can‘t hide her emotion and heads to the front of the church. Taylor speaks fondly of Darla with tears in her eyes. Lt. Baker watches from the back and looks concerned with Taylor‘s guilt. After the ceremony, Ridge asks Taylor if he can spend some time with her, Thomas and Phoebe. Taylor grabs some flyers about AA groups, determined to sort herself out. Thorne later asks Taylor to help him break the news of Darla‘s death to Alexandria.