Ep. #4857

Season 20, Episode 88 -  Air Date: 7/24/2006
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Jackie is happy to see Nick home from his honeymoon. Jackie comments on how things should be on the up for him and Brooke now. Nick informs Jackie that Donna is staying with him and Brooke and that she has issues with Brooke‘s choice in husband. Stephanie tells Brooke that the company can no longer be hers if she isn‘t married to Ridge. Brooke is angered that she believed Stephanie had accepted her when in reality it was all about Ridge. Brooke refuses to sign the company back over to Stephanie, so she decides to find another way to steal it back. Ridge is surprised to see Donna. She tells him that Brooke marrying Nick was a mistake. Ridge is prepared to move on and is happy that he still has Brooke to work with. Stephanie goes to Nick and tries to make him jealous about Brooke working with Ridge in an attempt to manipulate him. Donna listens in as Brooke tells Ridge that she will no longer be modeling for the company. Ridge tells Brooke that he needs her.