Ep. #4856

Season 20, Episode 87 -  Air Date: 7/21/2006
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Dante and Bridget talk about Darla‘s death. Bridget is heartbroken that Alexandria has lost her mother. Thoughts lead on to when Bridget lost Nicole and then Dante mentions Dino. Dante suggests he and Bridget have a baby of their own. Bridget wonders about being married first, but Dante says the wedding can come later. Donna continues to tell Brooke not give up on her dreams for the sake of Nick. Nick walks in and isn‘t impressed by Donna‘s words about him. Brooke leaves for the office and Donna accuses Nick of being insecure about Brooke‘s feelings for Ridge. Eric is annoyed when Stephanie hints about taking the company back from Brooke. Stephanie explains that she gave it to Brooke as a way to make Ridge happy, but now Brooke has married Nick. Stephanie hands Brooke a legal document to sign the stock back over to her. Brooke refuses and Stephanie decides that their truce is over.