Ep. #4855

Season 20, Episode 86 -  Air Date: 7/20/2006
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Brooke is surprised to find Donna at her front door. Brooke‘s sister explains that she heard about Darla and would like to stay to offer support at her funeral. Donna questions Brooke on why she gave up on Ridge after loving him for so many years. Donna isn‘t too impressed when she meets Nick and wonders why Brooke would ever give up modeling for Brooke‘s Bedroom to please him. Taylor tries to explain to Thorne what happened to Darla, but he beats himself up with anger which only makes Taylor feel worse. Hector comes by while Thorne is on the phone and tells Taylor not to tell Thorne the truth. Hector later ushers her off and takes her back to his place. Taylor can‘t control her emotion knowing that she killed Darla, but Hector tells her that she has to think about Phoebe and makes her see that she can‘t risk going to jail. Hector tells Taylor that they have begun their cover up and it can‘t stop now.