Ep. #4854

Season 20, Episode 85 -  Air Date: 7/19/2006
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Brooke is ready to start another day at Forrester Creations but finds the office empty. She learns from Ridge that Darla is dead and she is upset that nobody informed her. Thorne arrives home with Stephanie. Stephanie says that she‘ll tidy up as the place is still decorated from Alexandria‘s birthday party, but Thorne doesn‘t want her to touch anything. Taylor has a nightmare about Darla. Hector later drops in and breaks the news of Darla‘s death. Taylor breaks down and decides that she must tell Thorne the truth. Phoebe and Hector refuse to let her but she later sneaks out unnoticed. Arriving at Thorne‘s as he watches the birthday video that Thomas made. He sobs over the message that Darla has left. Taylor cries and tells Thorne that he has to know what really happened to Darla.